NSPPL provides access to high-quality prosthetic limbs to individuals who have lost limbs due to conflict-related injuries, enabling them to regain mobility and improve their quality of life. We provide financial, logistical, medical and socio-emotional support to our care recipients. We strive to ensure that prosthetic and orthotic devices are accessible to all who require them, regardless of financial means or geographic location.


NSPPL plays a significant role in raising awareness about the importance of prosthetic and orthotic devices and the challenges faced by individuals who require them, advocating for policy changes to improve accessibility and affordability, fostering partnerships with healthcare providers and prosthetic limb manufacturers to improve technology and reduce costs, and providing educational and vocational opportunities for individuals with prosthetics and orthotics. We have nurtured a network of support and care for individuals with limb loss, spanning both northern Syria and Turkey. By establishing state-of-the-art centers and expanding services, we strive to ensure that amputees have access to comprehensive care, including physical therapy, psychological support, and assistance for caregivers. Overall, NSPPL works towards enhancing the quality of life and opportunities for individuals who require prosthetic and orthotic devices, with a focus on support, progress, and inclusivity. We provide comprehensive care and support services tailored to individual needs.


To create a society where all people have equal access to prosthetic and orthotic devices and rehabilitation support services to help them live fulfilling lives. We aim to reduce the stigma associated with limb loss and promote inclusivity and acceptance of individuals with physical disabilities.

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